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All framed prints come with a standard black metal frame and double matting white on black.  I use UV resistant glass and cotton rag mats  that will ensure the longevity of your artwork.  Prints are printed on demand on Aurora Fine Art or Fine Art Velvet papers.  There are custom frames available.  Click here to see the frames available.  Custom frames are an additional cost and must be ordered directly through me.

To order panorama prints note the title of the piece you wish to order and  click here.   Shipping on framed panoramas currently runs $125.00.  You can now order framed panoramas through the website however be sure to choose the correct option if you need shipping or can pick it up.  Please call or email about ordering large framed panoramas since in many cases delivery or pickup can be arranged and you can avoid expensive shipping charges.  If you are looking for more than one panorama, check the Groupings page where you can get special pricing on multi-piece orders.

To order regular prints note the title of the piece you wish to order and click here.

Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Shipping within the continental United States is included unless otherwise noted.

Please feel free to call (407-314-1516) or email me if you have any questions.

Framed under glass double matted with 100% cotton rag mat and UV resistant glass.
11x16.5 framed  to 18 x 24 $275
4.25 x 17.5 panorama framed to 7 x 20 $140
8.5 x 35 panorama framed  to 14 x 40
     Shipping additional - call for details

Metal prints ready to hang
8 x 12 $125
12 x 18 $225
16 x 24 $325
20 x 30 $525
24 x 36 $675
30 x 45 $975
 4.25 x 17.5 (panorama) $125
 9.5 x 40 (panorama) $425
14.5 x 60 (panorama)   $895

Loose prints signed and numbered, ready for framing

8 x 12 $25
12 x 18 $55
16 x 24 $80
20 x 30 $150
24 x 36 $175
8.5 x35 panorama $105
4.25 x 17.5 panorama $55

 Unless otherwise noted, shipping charges are included for shipping within the continental United States.  Call me for a quote on shipping to any other destination.  I accept all major credit cards.