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Show Pre-Orders   

Call or email me (see contact info here) for pre-arranged pickup at a show ( see my upcoming shows here).  Please give me at least a weeks notice.  You will save the shipping charge and receive a 10% discount on framed pieces.

Ordering through the website

I have made some changes in my online ordering process.  The fine art prints that you order directly from the website will now only be in sizes and formats that I hand print myself.  These items will be signed and numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Delivery time is approximately 7 business days depending on your location.

The following sizes are available:

8 x 12 $35
12 x 18 $75
16 x 24 $105
8.5 x35 panorama $115
4.25 x 17.5 panorama $60

Other Options

After looking at various options I have decided to partner with Fine Art America to provide sizes that I cannot produce, along with custom matting and framing, canvas gallery wraps, and prints on metal.  Sizes larger than 6" on the smallest side will continue to be part of limited editions, however I will not be able to sign or number items that you purchase through Fine Art America.  I will send you a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the number of the print that you purchased if you email me the name of the piece you purchased and your address.

Through my research I believe that Fine Art America produces quality work and they do offer a money back guarantee.  If, at any time, you feel you did not get quality work from Fine Art America please let me know.

You can get to my images on Fine Art America several ways.

Also Available.

If you would like a piece that is hand printed and hand framed by me please email me or call (407) 314-1516.  Shipping is getting more and more expensive so I have discontinued free shipping rather than raise prices for everyone.  The shipping charges noted only apply to continental United States.  Call me for a quote on any other locations.

The following sizes are available:

12 x 18 framed  to 18 x 24 $275 (+ $20 shipping)
4.25 x 17.5 panorama framed to 7 x 20 $150 (+$20 shipping)
8.5 x 35 panorama framed  to 14 x 40     $295 (+$125 shipping)

Please feel free to call (407-314-1516) or email me if you have any questions.