These are the framed images that I will be bringing with me to the art festivals. You can come here before going to the art festival and see if I am bringing your favorite. Even if you don't see it you can always pre-order framed pieces for pickup at the festival.

Some of these are backup pieces and will not be in the booth but they will be with me and available, just ask. If a backup piece has caught your eye and you know you want to see it please try and give me advance notice and I will make sure to have it at my booth.

If you are planning on coming to see me at an art festival please check out the show pickup ordering option on the purchasing page or upcoming events page. My current schedule of shows is on the upcoming events page.
A Walk in the Fog (Backup)Blue FogDancing in the LightDune Grass Sunrise (Backup)Early Morning FogFall FogFall ForestFall Lake ReflectionFall StreamFoggy Day on the FarmGreen ReflectionHidden Pool (Backup)IntertwinedLast LeavesLone Tree SunriseMountain CloudsNew GrassOrange and GreenPurple Fog (Backup)Redwing on a Reed (Backup)