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January 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I took advantage of the fog this past weekend and went out for a photo trip.  I found a couple spots in Orange, Virginia due to my navigator getting me lost the evening before.  I wasn’t very happy getting lost in the dark and rain but I was happy to find the spots.  Here are two of the images I created from the photos.


Sunrise Tree Line


Fog at Sunrise


I went to order frames and the frames that I have used for many years now have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  I chose a new frame and it is quite nice but slightly different from the old one and taller. Taking into account that most horizontal panoramas sell singly and a large percentage of vertical panoramas sell in groupings I am changing the horizontal images over first.  If you have a grouping or a single that you were hoping to add to and want the frames to match please email or call me as soon as you can.  I have quite a few of the old frames left but I’m not sure how long they will last once I start doing shows in April.


Old Frame


New Frame (in black)

Tank and Little Foot went to the vet last Saturday.  Nothing serious, just a checkup for Tank since he’s getting up in years and Little Foot’s annual shots.  For Tank, going into the carrier is old hat.  He doesn’t even struggle, just gives me a disgusted look as he goes in.  Little Foot is an entirely different story.  Going into the carrier is one time that Little Foot shows her feral beginnings.  She is also apparently very intuitive.  The first plan was to get her when I gave out the morning treats.  She didn’t come for treats just gave me a look like – I know you are up to something.  Next the laser pointer was tried, followed by toys, catnip, and more treats.  Finally she took refuge in her cat tree in the corner and I was able to corner her and quickly get her into the carrier.  Both cats are fine.  Tank is healthy, just slowing down a little bit due to age, and Little Foot got her shots without much complaint.

Blackie is all fluffy with her winter coat.  She is twice the size she is in the summer.  Nosey has taken up residence in the cat house on the back porch that was previously occupied by Morris.




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