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I noticed that when I moved my blog over to that I lost some of the older posts.  I'm going to recap them over the next several days.

From May 2015 - Blackie and the kittens

It’s been an emotional week.  One of the feral cats we have been feeding showed up with 3 kittens.  Luckily the Louisa County Animal Shelter was looking for a nursing mom to nurse some day old orphan kittens and the other kittens were old enough to be without their mom.  It was a win / win situation since there were also people waiting to adopt kittens.  The bad part was that they were only able to catch the kittens on their first visit.  It broke my heart to watch Blackie, the feral mom, searching high and low for her kittens complete with plaintive cries.  Thankfully the next morning Blackie was caught in the trap they left and now the kittens are at the shelter being socialized and Blackie has 3 new mouths to feed.  Now I only have to watch the other feral cat, Nosey, looking high and low for his friend and giving me looks like “I thought you were a good human”.  But I read that to save 100 cats you merely need to spay or neuter one so counting Blackie plus 3 kittens who will be spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter and the two kittens I took in last year that I had spayed I have now saved 600 cats.

Blackie and her kittensBlackie and her kittens

Update - Blackie was returned to us after getting spayed and a rabies shot.  Being black, only semi friendly, and a completely outside cat the shelter didn't think they would be able to find a home for her so she is now one of our resident barn cats, even though we don't have a barn.  She has warm shelter and food every morning.  I just saw her this morning waiting for me to bring food.  

In June of 2015 I started doing introductions of the Thomas cats.  I started with Little Foot.

Little Foot is one of our youngest at just over a year old.  She is one of Blackie’s kittens that we rescued last year.  She was very timid as a kitten and came very close to being one of those outside cats that I feed and keep an eye on.  In fact, when I finally caught her and took her to the vet for spaying and checkup I told them not to clip her claws because she was going right back outside.  I also told them to be careful because she bites. The first time I ever picked her up, she bit me, and even though she only probably weighed a pound she managed to escape.  Imagine my surprise when I picked her up from the vet and they told me how sweet she was.  She had to stay inside to recuperate for a couple of days and because it was close to Halloween and she is black I kept her in for a couple extra days.  During that time her personality came out and she has become one of our most delightful cats.  She tears through the house with her sister.  She climbs up on places that no cat has ever gone before.  She is an incorrigible beggar and has been known to hang from her toes on the kitchen island begging for a treat of whatever I am cooking.  She goes everywhere at a full gallop and has managed to be friends with and play with all the other cats, even stuck up Gracie and lazy Sarge.  We’re very glad we kept her as an inside cat.

Update - Little Foot is now 2 1/2 and is still a delight.  She is a little shy with strangers so very few people have actually seen her.  She is still tiny and still likes to be up high.  

Little FootLittle Foot

Little Foot on left, Braveheart in front, and Sarge in the back.Little Foot on left, Braveheart in front, and Sarge in the back.

Stay tuned for more old posts and cat introductions tomorrow.





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