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About Alison

Alison Thomas moved to New Hampshire in her early twenties and in her words was "bored, surrounded by nature, and unable to find a job" It was in New Hampshire that she found her sister's old camera that had been packed accidentally and on the same day she found the camera she also received an ad in the mail for the Time Life series of books on photography.  Thomas ordered the first book, bought some Kodak Tri-X and went out to play.

 While Thomas was new to photography she was not new to nature.  She had found solace in nature for as long as she could remember and sought to show others that same perception in her photography.  Along the way, digital came of age, she got her first copy of Photoshop and she started creating both “straight” photographs adhering to truth in nature standards and digitally modified photographs that are more digital art than photography.

Thomas moved to Louisa, Virginia after 10 years in Florida and is looking forward to living more in the out of doors and finding new places to inspire her.  She hopes to be participating in art shows around the area and is looking into other venues to show and sell her art.

Artist Statement

Nature has always been an important part of my life.  Growing up, I could go to the woods, as close as across the street, and I could find peace and solitude, my center and my God.

 I had the fortune to grow up near the mountains of Virginia, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  But as I grew up, I watched more and more buildings go up.   Where I could once walk all day without ever seeing a paved road became office buildings and malls.  When I was 12 I went camping in an area where the nearest store was 10 miles away.  When I was 35, that area was suburbia with housing developments and convenience stores on every corner.  When I was 15 I played a small part in saving a piece of land from developers that I will always know as Burling Tract.  Today it is known as Scott’s Run Nature Preserve and is one of the few unspoiled pieces of land on the Potomac River a stones throw from Washington D.C.  That is still one of my proudest achievements.    

 All in all, though, I am a quiet person.  I don’t play the role of activist well.  I can barely read the all too true stories of impending loss in the nature magazines today.  But I can do something.  I can record the beauty and possibly inspire those who can fight.  I can be a quiet background support with my art.  This also gives me a selfish reason to walk in the woods today, where I still can find peace and serenity.

About the Art

The majority of my images are based on photographs and then digitally manipulated using Photoshop and various purchased and self-created filters to give a vision of the essence of a scene rather than an exact recoding of the scene. 

Has a neighbor ever remarked upon your garden’s beauty and your response was “it needs to be weeded” or “I should have chosen different flowers for that spot”.  Do you have a tendency to look upon a beautiful scene and only see the flaws?  My work stimulates the viewer to explore more deeply the way beauty is seen and experienced by removing much of the detail and leaving only the essence.  In doing so I not only show you a scene but I also draw your eye to the larger facets that can get lost in an ordinary photograph.  I encourage you to look upon the graceful arch of a single stem, the shape of a barely discernable mountain in the distance, the form in a pile of rocks.


Virginia Fall Foliage Festival 2015
First Place in Photography

58th Annual Boardwalk Art Festival 2013
Sand Dollar Award, "Cold in Black and White"

57th Annual Boardwalk Art Festival 2012
Sand Dollar Award, "Tenacity"

Disney Festival of the Masters 2010
First Place, "River Journey"

Halifax Art Festival 2010
Award of Honor, "Redwing on a Reed"

Images, A Festival of the Arts 2009
ward of Merit, "Feed Me"

Oviedo Butterfly and Nature Show 2008
Second Place in Photography

Orange Audubon Society Kit and Sidney Chertok Nature Photography Contest 2008
Second Place in Beyond Birds, "Sunrise Slice"

Lake Mary - Heathrow Festival of the Arts 2007
Third Place in Photography. "Potomac Sunrise") 

Ponce Inlet Festival of the Arts 2007
First Place in Photography, "Sunset Slice" 

Lake Mary - Heathrow Festival of the Arts 2006
Third Place in Photography, "Morning in the Glades" 

Lake Mary - Heathrow Festival of the Arts 2005
Award of Merit, "Sunset on Lake Magarity"